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Gay man attacked on Manhattan subway and nobody came to his aid

NEW YORK -- A 23-year-old gay man was attacked by five people on a crowded subway in Manhattan, and nobody came to his aid.

Urena Morel Frankelly and his partner were riding on the subway when two women and three men repeatedly punched the victim in the face after an argument broke out. The partner tried to help to no avail, according to authorities.

“Everyone was watching — no one helped us. That was a very scary situation for us,” the partner told the New York Daily News.

The two men exited the subway at the next stop, and the victim sought treatment at a local hospital for his injuries. Photos by the paper showed a bruised eye and a couple of stitches for a gash on an eyelid.

NYPD's Hate Crime Task Force is investigating the incident, according to various news sources.

SDGLN media partner GLAAD issued this statement:

GLAAD encourages the media to fairly and accurately shine light on anti-gay violence. According to the Anti-Violence Project, LGBT youth and young people, remain twice as likely to experience targeted violence than their counterparts.

The Anti-Violence Project also issued a statement:

AVP encourages you to report violence you experience or witness to our free and confidential 24-hour bilingual (English/Spanish) hotline at 212-714-1141 where you can speak with a trained counselor and seek support, or you can report violence anonymously online.