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Prop 8 judge speaks out as case reaches Supreme Court

SAN FRANCISCO – Vaughn Walker, the federal judge who made the historic ruling that California’s Proposition 8 was unconstitutional, says in an interview with the San Jose Mercury News that he makes no predictions about how the U.S. Supreme Court will decide the appeal.

Walker, who has since retired from the bench, also said he was not shocked that Prop 8 supporters made a big deal that he was gay and in a long-term relationship. He called it a “Hail Mary” play insinuating that he was biased, a point decisively rejected by the appeals court.

The judge also notes how public opinion on marriage equality has changed drastically since the case began in 2009. Few states had legalized marriage equality at that time, and President Barack Obama was several years removed from his evolution on same-sex weddings. As the Supreme Court takes up the case in March, nine states have legalized gay marriage and more are poised to follow suit. The Obama Administration is no longer defending the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in court, and public opinion shows a majority of Americans in support of marriage equality.

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