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San Diego ends red light camera program

SAN DIEGO -- Mayor Bob Filner announced Friday that the city will be ending a controversial red light camera program.

The program charges violators up to $490 when the automated cameras catch motorists running red lights. The program contract with the city expired Thursday night and will not be renewed, Filner said.

"The state and company make money," Filner said of American Traffic Solutions, the company that contracts the cameras to the City of San Diego. "But it's a wash for us," he said.

Now, the city will bring police officers back to the 15 intersections that up until Thursday had operating red light cameras. The officers will patrol the areas and cite those who run red lights.

Filner made the announcement at the intersection of Grape Street and North Harbor Drive -- the city's most prolific red light camera intersection.

The program lasted almost 15 years and survived three contracts. In total, the number of unverified citations given as a result of the camera was more than 196,000.

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