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North Park's bicycle and pedestrian friendly identity enhanced

SAN DIEGO -- North Park Planning Committee’s Urban Design-Project Review Subcommittee made the neighborhood a little more bike and pedestrian friendly by sanctioning two new bicycle corrals as well as conceptually approving a new “parklet” on 30th Street.

At the subcommittee’s Jan. 7 meeting, community planners also made substantial progress on updating a proposed land-use map for North Park, distinguishing commercial and residential areas.

At the behest of North Park Main Street (NPMS), the subcommittee approved two new bike corrals on 30th Street. Both corral designs are consistent with an existing corral previously approved by North Park Planning Committee. There are currently three bike corrals in Uptown.

“We’ve been asking for these bike corrals for 13 months,” said NPMS Executive Director Angela Landsberg. Money to install the bike racks is coming from a County grant that will be used to “improve the appearance of North Park and help with people doing more biking,” she said.

One of the new bike corrals will be located across the street from Mosaic Wine Bar at 3422 30th St. and the other will be in front of Toronado, located at 4026 30th St.

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