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Obama orders tighter gun-control measures

WASHINGTON – Thirty-three days after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre took the lives of 20 children and six adults, President Barack Obama told the nation that is was time to get serious about gun control and violence.

Somberly noting that 900 more Americans have died by gunfire in the month since the tragedy in Connecticut, Obama signed 23 executive orders in an ambitious attempt to reduce gun violence.

Obama demanded universal background checks on all purchases, to keep guns and bullets out of the hands of those who shouldn’t be armed, including the mentally ill and criminals.

The President also ordered a reinstatement of the ban on assault weapons and an end to high-capacity ammunition clips, recommending a 10-round limit. He also banned armor-piercing ammunition.

Speaking in front of an audience of people who have been adversely affected by gun violence, Obama praised Vice President Joe Biden for leading the task force that made recommendations on gun control. The President’s comprehensive plans put him on course to clash with the powerful gun lobby, including the National Rifle Association, which has already launched TV ads blasting Obama as an “elitist hypocrite” because the first daughters are protected by armed Secret Service agents.