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UCSD's LGBT Resource Center burglarized

SAN DIEGO -- The LGBT Resource Center at University of California San Diego (UCSD) was burglarized over the weekend, according to Shaun Travers, the center's director.

Three laptop computers, a video camera and a set of keys were taken.

Travers posted the news on Monday to his Facebook account, saying that the burglary happened sometime after 4:45 pm on Friday, Jan. 11, and before staff arrived Monday morning at 7:45 am to find the center disheveled throughout with many items gone through and moved.

There were no signs of forced entry, although some of the windows were ajar. Upon discovering the burglary on Monday morning, the center's doors were locked and the perimeter alarm was set, so it appears that the burglar climbed through a window, Travers wrote.

To alleviate any concerns that the crime may have been directed at the LGBT community, a special edition of the center's "Rainbow Newsletter" was sent out Monday afternoon:

"This crime appears to have been directed at our property, not at our LGBT community. The police informed us that in recent weeks there have been similar equipment thefts around campus, and other keys have been taken.

We wanted you to have this information as soon as possible. This appears to be a crime against our property, not against our LGBT Resource Center and its community. It is disturbing, and certainly has an impact. We all can heighten our awareness regarding our own safety, our community's safety, and the safety of our property. "

The burglary was reported to UCSD police and the building has been re-keyed since a set of keys was taken.

Winter quarter classes began at UCSD on Jan. 7 so the center remains open to serve campus community members.

The UCSD LGBT Resource Center was established in 1999 and opened its current space since 2006. The center provides a visible presence on campus and enhances a sense of connection and community among LGBT faculty, staff, students, alumni and the UCSD Community. Within in its physical space, UCSD community members have access to a computer lab, meeting space, resources, and a safe place to socialize and connect.

"Let's empower ourselves to be more safety conscious," Travers wrote. "If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact me in the office, 858-822-3493. We will communicate to everyone more information as we move forward."

Anyone with additional information can contact campus police at 858-534-4357 or 911 and reference case number 2013‐0066.