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KPBS: Mayor Filner re-opens door for medical marijuana collectives in San Diego | VIDEO

SAN DIEGO -- This week, Mayor Bob Filner re-opened the door to the possibility of legal medical marijuana collectives in San Diego. Speaking to the group Americans for Safe Access, the mayor said he would work to stop the city of San Diego from closing medical marijuana collectives.

As first reported by San Diego CityBeat, Goldsmith then sent Filner a letter saying that the mayor could stop him from going after the collectives in "30 seconds."

On Thursday, Filner responded by ordering the city to stop referring medical marijuana code violation cases to Goldsmith for prosecution.

On KPBS Midday Edition, Goldsmith said now that Filner’s done that, his office will leave dispensaries alone.

"Without the Code Compliance unit sending us matters or providing us information or evidence or direction, yes, it’s over," he said.

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