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Voice of San Diego: At City Hall, Hurricane Filner blows in | VIDEO

SAN DIEGO -- San Diego City Council meetings aren't known for being genteel, but Tuesday's was more antagonistic than usual. Sure, Mayor Bob Filner and Todd Gloria, the council president, may be on the same side politically. But they got up in each other's grills in a snit that sent tongues a-wagging.

At issue: the council's appointments to a local agency that serves as a coalition of governments. The two men argued about whether an agreement had been made, with Gloria at one point saying he had a meeting to run. Filner: "Give it to someone else to run, or meet another day. I am telling you this is not a staff issue.”

The level of venom shouldn't be unexpected. Filner is famous for being abrasive, and that very fact sets him apart in a city used to more polite politics.

Our Lisa Halverstadt offers three takeaways about what this fight means. For one thing, it doesn't spell harmony among the Democrats who have the numbers to control the city's government.

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To watch a replay of the City Council meeting, click HERE. Mayor Filner begins addressing the council at about the 1 hour 16 minutes mark.