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National Stonewall Democrats "on hiatus," and San Diego Democrats for Equality "doing well"

National Stonewall Democrats (NSD), saddled with an estimated $30,000 deficit, suspended operations on Jan. 1 with plans to relaunch in 2014.

Jerame Davis, the group’s executive director since December 2011, told the Dallas Voice on Monday that the political organization is likely “on hiatus” for the rest of 2013.

Davis said a new board would be elected in 2013 with the goal of rebuilding the organization. He noted that Stonewall Democrats have no chapters in 23 states.

Davis said local and state chapters would continue to operate this year and are unaffected by the national organization’s troubles.

Doug Case, head of San Diego Democrats for Equality, told San Diego Gay & Lesbian News that the national organization will rebound.

"It is unfortunate that NSD is going on hiatus. San Diego Democrats for Equality, an NSD affiliate, has been involved with the organization since its inception. Our VP for Political Action, Craig Roberts, retired last year as co-chair of the NSD board," Case said.

"NSD never got attention comparable to Log Cabins Republicans, primarily because NSD is grassroots-driven. There clearly is a need for a strong and effective NSD, and we look forward to the organization implementing a new financial model and relaunching."

Case recently told the Community Leadership Council that his chapter would be reinventing itself this year after conducting strategic planning sessions to determine a new way of doing business. He elaborated on that with SDGLN.

"As you mentioned, Democrats for Equality is doing well and is financially stable," Case said. "But we haven't grown much in recent years so we plan to explore new ways of engaging our members and engaging the LGBT community.

"We need to change with the times in order to attract interest from the new generation of LGBT activists. Since this is a non-election year (although we are now facing three upcoming special elections), the board has decided to embark on a process of strategic planning in the next couple of months to determine future directions and new ways to grow and re-energize the club," he said.

"The input of our membership and other stakeholders will guide us through the process. Since streamlining our governance structure (we currently have 21 board positions, five of which are vacant) is one option, the board has recommended postponing our elections (normally held this month) until re-structuring decisions are made," Case said.