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Holding Bob Filner accountable: Tracking the Mayor's campaign promises

SAN DIEGO -- Mayor Bob Filner made lots of promises to San Diegans before he took the city’s most powerful office.

He said he’d work to increase city planning efforts, fight homelessness and to make government more open and accessible by being available three Saturdays a month for one-on-one meetings with constituents.

Will he follow through?

We’ll be watching. We’ll regularly revisit these and other pledges to check his progress. Our project will be similar to PolitiFact’s Obameter, an effort to regularly evaluate President Barack Obama’s ability to keep his promises. We plan to measure Filner’s successes and failures using specific categories similar to those featured on our popular Fact Check blog.

Documenting Filner’s ability to keep his promises will serve as a way to gauge the new mayor’s performance and provide more background on both his triumphs and the roadblocks he faces as he tries to make improvements.

To prepare for this effort, we compiled a list of nearly 60 pledges Filner during the mayoral campaign. We may add more throughout Filner’s four-year term. You can check out our spreadsheet here.

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