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Second gay youth worker arrested in Uganda, as harassment of gays continues

In a heightened ramp-up of persecution of gay Ugandans, a young man named Kabuye Najibu was arrested in Uganda a few hours ago, while visiting his co-worker who had been arrested just before the new year.

The O-blog-dee-O-blog-da blog broke the story of Joseph Kwesi’s arrest.

Kawesi, a founder of the LGBTI group Youth on Rock Foundation (YRF), was arrested by police officers a few days ago and charged with crimes relating to homosexuality. He is being held at Kawempe police station where the arrest of the second man took place.

A source said that Najibu, who also works at YRF, was arrested on the same charges as Kaweesi. A third man, whose identity is being withheld for his own safety, was with Najibu at the time but managed to escape arrest.

The Ugandan human rights defenders are being targeted by police through their Facebook posts. Bail has not been set and the two are currently still being held with no trial date set.

The arrests follow on the heels of the vandalism at the offices of SMUG in Kampala, where computers hosting sensitive information were stolen.

Uganda’s Parliament is expected to debate the infamous “Kill The Gays” bill when the new session opens in February. Human rights activists from around the world have fought against the draconian bill ever since it was introduced in 2009.