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VIDEO: Marriage equality in Maine begins with loud roar

PORTLAND, Maine – Michael Snell and Steven Bridges made history at 12:01 am Saturday, Dec. 29, when they became the first same-sex couple to marry in Maine.

The two men stood in front of a county clerk, exchanged rings after saying their “I do” vows, and were declared married. Witnesses and onlookers applauded.

But when the newlyweds walked out of the courthouse, they were greeted by thunderous roars from the crowd that had gathered to witness the historic occasion for Mainers.

On Election Day, Maine became the first state to legalize marriage equality by the ballot box. Later that day, Maryland and Washington state voters also approved marriage equality. In addition, voters in Minnesota declined to ban same-sex marriage in the state constitution.

On Dec. 9, gay and lesbian couples began marrying in Washington state.

To enjoy Maine’s special moment, please view the following short documentary by Alex Steed. The video was shot on the the evening of Dec. 28 and early morning of Dec. 29, 2012 in Portland, Maine during the very first equal marriages in the state.