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Frontiers co-publisher dies

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- Mark Hundahl, co-publisher of Frontiers magazine, died Dec. 26 of lung cancer.

He was a leading straight ally of the LGBT community for most of his life.

Hundahl and co-publisher David Stern bought Frontiers in 2007, and the magazine is distributed from Los Angeles to San Diego, reaching a biweekly audience of about 35,000.

In 2008, Hundahl founded Passport Consulting to explore business opportunities in China.

In 2010, Hundahl and Stern bought 50% interest in WeHo News, but that partnership dissolved within six months.

WeHo News has written an obituary on Hundahl.

West Hollywood Mayor Jeff Prang toldWeHo News that “Mark was a friend, an important leader in West Hollywood and the LGBT community, and even though he wasn’t gay himself he contributed more to the LGBT movement that most gays will ever do.

“He was a quiet doer – never sought the limelight, but made change happen from behind the scenes. He was a man of great personal and professional integrity. He has been everywhere and important to our community for so long, he will be sorely missed.”

WeHoVille.com reported that "Hundahl has had a diverse business background. In 1983 he bought a nightclub in Hollywood called Probe on Highland Avenue, which featured performers such as Jennifer Holliday and Madonna and became the center of Los Angeles gay nightlife. Hundahl also was senior strategist at Passport Consulting, a business focused on identifying media opportunities in China. His career also included production of television commercials, investment in cross platform media companies and work with the digital division of Emmis Communications."