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Uruguay Senate postpones vote on marriage equality

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay – A news bulletin out of Uruguay says that the nation’s Senate has unexpectedly postponed a vote on same-sex marriage that was planned for today.

La Cámara de Senadores de Uruguay decidió hoy, en medio de una fuerte polémica política, postergar hasta abril próximo la votación de la ley de matrimonio igualitario que equipara los derechos y
obligaciones de los enlaces de las parejas homosexuales con los celebrados entre heterosexuales.

Roughly translated, it says that the Senate of Uruguay decided today amid strong political controversy to postpone until next April the voting law that would give equal marriage rights and obligations to gay couples that are celebrated by heterosexuals.

Opponents of same-sex marriage accused Senators of trying to rush the vote without going through normal procedures, and the 26 Senators on the floor all voted to postpone debate until the new session begins in April.

The Senate had scheduled a vote today after the House overwhelmingly voted Dec. 11 in favor of marriage equality. President José Mujicat says he will sign the bill into law.

The Roman Catholic Church is leading the charge against legalizing same-sex weddings.

Uruguay would join Argentina as the only two South American countries to provide marriage for all its citizens. Same-sex marriage is offered in Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and parts of the United States. Mexico is poised to join the ranks after its high court’s historic ruling.