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PLNU officials: An LGBTQ student group is contrary to the Nazarene church

SAN DIEGO -- After a group of students at Point Loma Nazarene University learned last week that their request to start a LGBTQ-themed student organization on the campus was denied, much attention has been focused on the school and its policies.

Last night, Channel 10 News spoke to Sean Lewis, the student who spearheaded the effort to organize "BridgePointLoma," a discussion group for LGBTQ students at PLNU.

Lewis was told by Caye Smith, the school's vice president of student development, that his request to form the group was denied.

"It would be problematic for us to charter any group that would be contrary to the positions of the Church of the Nazarene," Smith told 10 News.

Following the rejection of the club's charter, a petition was created which, as of this morning, has over 1,000 signatures.

The petition, which is addressed to PLNU's administration, calls on the university to charter an official LGBTQ club for students on campus who identify as LGBTQ and for straight allies.

While there has been no response from PLNU administrators at this time, according to GLAAD, the school claims they do not foster an environment of rejection and fear, even though they will not allow LGBT students to talk to and support one another through an organization.

Instead, the school intends to facilitate its own discussion, with administration control.

According to the Christian Post, PLNU is a Protestant university founded in 1920 that has about 3,500 students. The university allows chartered clubs to use school facilities and services, hold on-campus meetings, and organize campus fundraisers.

SDGLN will continue to follow this story and report on any developments as they arise.