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Lady Gaga applauds Russian PM, who disses "gay propaganda" bill

Lady Gaga today took to Twitter to thank Russia's prime minister for saying that the nation did not need to pass a bill that would prohibit "gay propaganda."

Although similar bills have been passed in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told the media this week that such a draconian law went too far:

"Not every moral issue, behavioral habit or communication issue between people should be regulated. This is why not all relationships between people are subject to a legal interpretation.

"Probably this issue does not concern too many people in the country, and it's not discussed at all levels."

As the former president and a key figure in United Russia, the ruling party, Medvedev likely speaks for the government on this issue. The European Union and most western nations have condemned the local laws banning "gay propaganda," and the capital city of Moscow has banned Gay Pride parades for the next century.

Ahead of a concert this weekend, Lady Gaga arrived in St. Petersburg, the same city that tried to prosecute Madonna recently for violating the "gay propaganda" law by speaking out against it and distributing pink wristbands at her performance, but the case was dismissed.

Lady Gaga tweeted:

"Thank You Prime Minister Medvedev for not standing by your party's anti gay propaganda law & instead supporting my show+fans all over Russia"

"Prime Minister Medvedev please accept my gratitude I am looking forward to performing in RUSSIA & celebrating our cultures coming together"

Russia remains one of the most homophobic nations even though the nation decriminalized homosexuality in 1993. Right-wing hooligans and Orthodox militants often attack LGBT Russians during rallies and Gay Pride parades.