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Dave Roberts elected to San Diego County Board of Supervisors

SAN DIEGO – Dave Roberts, a 51-year-old popular politician in Solana Beach, was elected to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors and makes history as the first known LGBT candidate to win a board seat.

Roberts beat out Steve Danon with 50.7% % of the vote, according to preliminary results announced early today, in the race to replace the District 3 seat long held by Pam Slater-Price. Danon, a Republican, is chief of staff to conservative Rep. Brian Bilbray.

The milestone victory gives the Democrats a seat on the Board of Supervisors, long controlled by Republicans. Roberts was endorsed by Slater-Price, a Republican, as well as the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and state Sen. Christine Kehoe and Assemblywoman Toni Atkins. He becomes the first new face on the Board of Supervisors since 1995.

Roberts and his husband Wally Oliver are the parents of five adopted children ranging in age from 3 to 16.

Roberts has a background in business and government experience, having served as a corporate officer for Science Applications International Corp., or SAIC, a San Diego-based Fortune 500 company. He also started his own real estate management business, and worked as a George W. Bush and Barack Obama appointee to national advisory boards focused on maximizing the cost-effectiveness and delivery of Medicare, Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Programs.

He also worked for the Air Force at the Pentagon and in Europe, and helped to create the military’s health-care system.

Roberts served as chairman of the board of directors for the San Diego Consolidated Transportation Services Agency and as an alternative board member for the San Diego County Polinsky Children’s Center that houses abused and neglected children.

He is active in the Sierra Club, the Foundation for Change and other civic and community groups.

Roberts successful portrayed his opponent, Danon, chief of staff of Republican Rep. Brian Bilbray, as a government insider who was putty to special interests.