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New HRC ad attacks Mitt Romney's record on LGBT rights

WASHINGTON -- With the 2012 presidential election just days away, the Human Rights Campaign, America’s largest LGBT equality rights advocacy group, released a new ad attacking Mitt Romney record on LGBT rights.

According to HRC, the GOP presidential hopeful and his running mate, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), represent a “devastating leap backwards for LGBT Americans seeking full equality."

Recent polling numbers suggests that LGBT voters could have a huge impact on Tuesday’s election given the tight race between the president and Romney.

Polling data has also shown that the president has enjoyed an increase of support from the LGBTQ community since just prior to the convention in late August. Part of that increase political analysts think is attributable to the Republican focus on socially conservative issues, such as the inclusion within the party platform an anti-same-sex marriage position.

The HRC ad highlights Romney’s appearance on Pier Morgan’s CNN program, in which Romney blamed the gay community for changing "their perspective as to what they wanted,” as the basis of his opposition to strengthening LGBT rights.


According to the HRC::

"Mitt Romney will say anything to get elected. If you’re confused on where Romney stands on a variety of matters of LGBT equality, you’re not alone – depending on the audience Romney is speaking to and the level of office he’s seeking, he’s apt to adopt a wide-range of often conflicting positions.

In 1994, Mitt Romney vowed to be a better advocate for LGBT equality than Ted Kennedy. He supported a federal employment non-discrimination act and called open military service a “shared goal” with the LGBT community.

However, by the time he sought national office in 2008 and again in 2012, Romney moved so far to the right that his statements in 1994 can now be seen for what they truly were: political posturing and an attempt to woo and use the LGBT community in Massachusetts to advance his own agenda."

HRC said that between the positions of the two candidates, the ability of LGBT people to marry the person they love, start and protect families, and achieve equal protections under the law all come under attack.

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