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SDGLN celebrates third anniversary

SAN DIEGO – This week, San Diego Gay & Lesbian News (SDGLN.com) observed its third anniversary as the most-read LGBT news source in San Diego.

Since its debut on Oct. 22, 2009, SDGLN has grown its readership throughout San Diego and California, across the United States, and to every corner of the globe. To date, SDGLN has totaled 3.5 million pageviews and 1.9 million unique visitors, according to Google Analytics.

Though SDGLN has never been read in communist North Korea and a handful of French-speaking African nations, it has found audiences throughout the Americas, all of Europe, and almost all of Asia and Oceania.

The bulk of SDGLN’s readership comes from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia, followed by Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil, India, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Malaysia, Philippines, Ireland, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, Turkey and Indonesia.

Of the 2 million visitors from the United States, the top states are California (937,570), New York (134,661), Texas (89,981), Florida (62,952), Illinois (56,839), Pennsylvania (46,009), Washington (45,177), Massachusetts (42,445), Georgia (36,445) and Ohio (36,290).

“Who knew that SDGLN would take off like this and so quickly,” said Johnathan Hale, publisher of Hale Media, SDGLN’s parent company, which also publishes the glossy monthly magazine, SD PIX. “We have seen spectacular growth since we went live on Oct. 22, 2009.”

SDGLN also produces a weekly newsletter that circulates to 18,000 subscribers on Fridays and has more than 18,000 likes on Facebook and more than 10,000 followers on Twitter.

Hale and SDGLN Editor in Chief Ken Williams credit a professional staff, a dedicated group of contributors and media partnerships for quickly setting SDGLN apart from other LGBT media in Southern California.

Williams, an award-winning journalist from mainstream media, joined SDGLN in February 2010 not long after getting laid off at The San Diego Union-Tribune during a major downsizing by then-owner Platinum Equity.

“Ken Williams and I share the same vision of changing the dialogue in San Diego,” Hale said. “If everyone in our community works together toward common goals, we will thrive and be successful as a community. Divided we fall.”

Williams and SDGLN Staff Writer Ben Cartwright, who has been with the company since the beginning, specialize in breaking news whether locally, nationally or internationally. In the world of online media, being the first to break news stories is the path to building one’s reputation and growing one’s readership.

“SDGLN readers are always among the first to learn about the big stories that are breaking,” Williams said. “Ben is a beloved member of our LGBT community and has his ear on what is going on locally. I keep on top of national and international stories, so between the two of us, SDGLN readers can rest assured that they will get the latest news first.”

SDGLN stories are often picked up by media partners such as LGBTQ Nation, Huffpost Gay Voices, Chicago Phoenix and more. And SDGLN shares the best stories of those media partners as well as Gay San Diego, San Diego Uptown News, San Diego Downtown News, GLAAD, Best Gay Cities and Lavender Lens.

“SDGLN has positioned itself as the top LGBT news source in San Diego and the rest of Southern California,” Hale said. “We look forward to a bright future. And SDGLN and Hale Media will continue to support nonprofit organizations in our community.”