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The Girl with the Voice

SAN DIEGO -- She cut her teeth reporting on presidential politics in D.C. This month, 28-year-old journalist Sara Libby takes over the managing editor job at online investigative news outlet Voice of San Diego. Nice timing. With Doug Manchester’s booming boosterism in control at the county’s two largest newspapers — and many print subscribers cancelling in protest — we expect that Voice will soon be louder than ever.

Here is a sampling of the article:

Is Voice in competition with U-T San Diego or other print outlets? I don’t see Voice and U-T as direct competitors, no. On their best days, their missions are very different. People will always need a solid daily news source, and the community also benefits from longer, more intensive investigative projects. They’re complementary.

Are you planning any changes to the VOSD approach? I would love to help improve the website itself. I think those things are always in need of rejuvenation. And I’ve always been interested in editorial content. I would love to bring in more community members to offer perspectives on the site, incorporating some sort of forum where people can contribute their opinions. But really the foundation of what Voice does is investigative journalism, so that will continue.

What would you say are the major issues facing our city now? There is a mayor’s race approaching, so that transition of power to a person with new priorities will be really important. And continuing with issues on education and how it’s funded will be a big priority for the city and for Voice.

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