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San Diego Zoo plan could bring more parking to Balboa Park

SAN DIEGO -- For years, the San Diego Zoo has wanted to expand its exhibits and build more parking in Balboa Park.

Now, the zoo is reviving its plans to build 4,800 parking spaces in an underground garage, the U-T San Diego’s Roger Showley reported Monday afternoon. And it has an idea on how to help pay for it: charging for parking.

We recently wrote about the zoo’s plan last decade to build thousands more parking spaces, along with a promenade to better connect Park Boulevard institutions.

But, as we found, even the zoo — a visitor-attracting, money-making icon — has had trouble getting the plan off the ground.

The city just hasn’t had money to pay for it. The City Council approved the plan in 2004, but warned it didn’t have the required $300 million. Then-Mayor Dick Murphy told the Union-Tribune in 2004 that “any move toward implementing the plan is ‘probably a couple years off.’”

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