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Vons Mission Hills receives "Onion" for architecture and design

SAN DIEGO -- At the 2012 Orchids & Onion awards ceremony and silent auction held Thursday, Oct. 11, the season’s annual list of architectural and design winners and losers were announced. Winners, called “Orchids” included the Chicano Park restoration and losers, or “Onions,” included the Miramar College campus.

In Uptown, the newly completed Vons Mission Hills located at 450 University Ave. was awarded an Onion for both architecture and design. Described as a suburban grocery store “plopped … on top of a parking garage in Mission Hills” on the Orchids & Onions website, the store opened March 29 after years of planning and months of construction.

The San Diego Architectural Foundation (SDAF) did give credit to the designers as well as Vons owners for working closely with the community, which included the Mission Hills Town Council, Uptown Planners, the San Diego Planning Commission and the City Council.

The main complaint against the 58,000-square-foot store was the structure’s parking garage, which sits slightly below street level, allowing for added light and ventilation. “The possibility for an interesting, active and vibrant street scene is now non-existent,” the website states.

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