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"Stomp" star Carlos Thomas: "I love this job and this family"

Carlos Thomas does it all: drummer, percussionist, dancer, performer and music producer.

He got the performing bug while playing music in church in the small town of Sockis, N.Y., and he was hooked. Then in the 1990s, he landed a gig in the smash hit "Stomp" ... a role he has kept ever since.

San Diego area theater lovers can catch Thomas in the touring production of "Stomp" that will be staged Friday and Saturday at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido.

Thomas tells San Diego Gay & Lesbian News about his "Stomp" life over the past decade, who inspires him, where he is single or taken, and what his future holds once he leaves the show.

SDGLN: What all do you do in “Stomp” as a performer?

Carlos Thomas: As a performer I bring my own flavor to whatever role I am playing at the time. There are eight roles, four of which I know. Yet each one delivers a different character.

SDGLN: How long have you been performing in “Stomp,” and what have been your most memorial and most forgettable experiences in the show?

Carlos: I have been with "Stomp" for over 10 years. There isn't any other show I care to do, honestly. I love this job and this family. There are thousands of memorable moments. Not enough time here to tell. Nothing is forgettable.

SDGLN: Outside of the show, what instruments do you play?

Carlos: I play drums, keys, and I can sick house tracks.

SDGLN: What is your background as an actor and performer?

Carlos: I'm a dancer who's also a musician.

SDGLN: Who inspires you?

Carlos: Missy Elliot is my big inspiration.

SDGLN: What’s in the future for you?

Carlos: In the future I will be working in the fitness industry.

SDGLN: What are your favorite causes, and how do you give back to the community?

Carlos: The show gets involved with the community everywhere we go. We teach school workshops. We do lots of Stomp food drives to fight hunger; visit children's hospitals... on and on.

SDGLN: Single or taken?

Carlos: This question asks if I'm single or not. I laughed out loud saying. In our very loving gay community, if I was single or not the party don't stop ! Ha:-) But yes, I'm actually married.

SDGLN: What is something your fans don’t know about you?

Carlos: My fans know everything about me, that's why they're my fans. My life is full of many entertaining stories. I should have my own reality TV show. Snooki would have a "New Situation" Ha :-) Just being silly.

SDGLN: If you could have the ultimate dinner party and invite three guests (living or dead), who would be there and why?

Carlos: My ultimate dinner party I would invite first Jesus. Because if he shows up, I have to ask him some things before everyone else gets there. Then Martin Luther King. Because I want to hug him and say thank you. Then whoever wins this next election, Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. The President needs to be at this dinner.

The details

"Stomp" will be staged Oct. 5-6 at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido.

Shows are at 8 pm Friday and 2 and 8 pm Saturday.

Tickets are priced from $25 to $60, with specialty pricing for students, faculty or the military.

Call 800-988-4253 or visit "Stomp" online or Art Center website.

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