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In California, Berkeley declares Sept. 23 as Bisexual Pride Day

BERKELEY, Calif. – The socially liberal city of Berkeley on Tuesday became the first in America to set aside a day to officially recognize bisexuals, the often forgotten “B” in LGBT.

The City Council voted unanimously to declare Sept. 23 as Bisexual Pride and Bi Visibility Day. The date is significant in the bisexual community because that’s when various bisexual pride events are held in major cities around the U.S.

The resolution was sponsored by Councilmember Kriss Worthington, who told ¬sfgate.com:

"Bisexuals can experience prejudice from both directions," he said. "Increasing bisexual visibility is a way of saying, yes, they do exist, and they deserve our support and acceptance."

Martin Rawlings-Fein, a director of the Bay Area Bisexual Network, explained to sfgate.com that bisexuals often feel left out of the LGBT community.

"They think we have 'straight privilege,' and we hide in that. We get pushed to the side in the LGBT community and told we don't exist, that we're actually gay or lesbian and just not totally 'out.' "

The Associated Press reported that The Williams Institute, a think tank at UCLA that is devoted to the study of sexual orientation and the law, estimates that more than 4 million Americans identify as bisexual, more than the number of Americans who identify as gay, lesbian or transgender combined.