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San Francisco AIDS charity Under One Roof closing Castro shop

SAN FRANCISCO -- As the fight against AIDS in the gay community fades into the background while equality issues such as same-sex marriage take center stage, one San Francisco HIV/AIDS organization is suffering the financial consequences and retooling to ensure its survival.

After 21 years of raising more than $4 million for dozens of local HIV/AIDS charities through the sale of small gifts, Under One Roof is closing the store it leases in the Castro.

"AIDS is no longer sort of the darling of charitable fundraising and giving," said Jennifer Kutz, a spokeswoman for the organization. "The bottom line is we're not giving enough money to the charities we need to support."

The physical storefront will be gone from Castro Street by March, but the organization hopes a change to holiday pop-up stores with a greater focus on fundraising will bring more money to its beneficiaries. Cash and merchandise contributions to the store have fallen by more than half since 2009 as the large donations that once poured in from corporations like Wells Fargo have vanished.

"We don't make enough profit to support our organizations by just simply operating a normal retail store," Kutz said. "We're sort of going back to our roots."

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