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Doctor who tried to "cure" gay teen with chemical castration drug is banned from practice

An Australian doctor who is a member of a controversial Christian sect, and who prescribed a chemical castration drug commonly given to sex offenders to a gay teenager, has been banned from practicing as a General Practitioner.

Dr. Mark Craddock, 75, a member of the Exclusive Brethren sect in Australia, wrote a script for the anti-androgen drug cyproterone acetate, sold under the brand name Cyprostat, at his home in 2008 for a visiting 18 year-old New Zealander who had recently confessed his homosexuality to church leaders.

A senior member of the sect directed the boy to see Dr Craddock to be proscribed medication to deal with his "problem."

The now 24 year-old, who’s name has been suppressed, complained to Australia’s Health Care Complaints Commission after his parents threw him out of home when he indicated he had ceased taking the drug and intended to leave the sect in 2009.

The young man says he was sickened when he found out the drug was commonly prescribed to chemically castrate violent sex offenders.

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