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Campus Pride releases list of top LGBT-friendly universities

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Campus Pride released its annual "Top 25 List of LGBT-Friendly Colleges and Universities" this week, just in time for back to school season.

The list is part of Campus Pride's LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate Index, which provides rankings on 340 colleges and universities across the nation, giving LGBT students a look at the services, programs, and other resources available to them at their school.

Shane Windmeyer, executive director of CampusPride, said the list is unique because the ratings are done for and by LGBT people and "set in a foundation of solid research practice."

According to GLAAD, Campus Pride recently partnered with The Advocate to release the first-ever list of the top ten trans-friendly colleges and universities across the country.

The 2012 list includes (in alphabetical order):

- Carleton College

- Cornell University

- Emory University

- Indiana University

- Ithaca College

- Oberlin College

- Portland State University

- Stanford University

- The Ohio State University

- The Pennsylvania State University

- University of California Berkeley

- University of California Los Angeles

- University of California Riverside

- University of California Santa Barbara

- University of Chicago

- University of Illinois at Chicago

- University of Maryland, College Park

- University of Massachusetts, Amherst

- University of Michigan

- University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

- University of Oregon

- University of Pennsylvania

- University of Utah

- University of Vermont

- University of Washington

Locally, San Diego State University has appeared on this list before and currently holds a "5-Star" ranking on Campus Pride's index, one of only 32 schools with such designation.

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