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San Diego lesbian mom found perfect match on free sperm donor site she founded

SAN DIEGO -- The founder of a free sperm donor site has become the proud mother of a baby girl, conceived with the help of a donor from her very own registry.

Beth Gardner, 36, from San Diego, and her wife Nicole had been trying to have a child for a year and after exhaustive efforts to find a private sperm donor on various Yahoo! groups, Beth decided to take matters into her own hands.

Now, as the Known Donor Registry boasts nearly 8,000 members, the couple are delighted to welcome baby Lila into the world.

Beth and Nicole's mission was similar to thousands of same sex couples and single women who are desperate for children but put off by the staggering costs associated with traditional sperm bank donations and the rules they impose upon donors.

When they turned to the Internet, however, the options of finding a donor they could trust and feel confident they knew enough about were limited.

Beth told MailOnline: "We originally had decided to use a family member, but decided that we wanted to each have a child and that we wanted them to be related to each other, so the family member idea didn't work out."

Faced with the dismal options available on the web, Beth told ABC' 20/20: "I talked about that in a group of friends, and I said, it's really frustrating that there isn't a website out there.

"[O]ne of them said, "Well then you should make one." So I did."

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