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What are the demographics for San Diego County?

SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) recently released statistics on the housing, economic, and social characteristics of the entire region.

The report, titled the 2010 American Community Survey, contains a number of facts and figures that were taken from 2006-2010 U.S. census data.

Highlights of the report include:

- The median household income for San Diego County is $63,069. In terms of income distribution, the largest percentage of households falls into the $50,000 to $74,999 category (18%). On the far ends, 9% of households earn incomes of less than $15,000, and 29% have incomes of $100,000 or more.

- When it comes to educational attainment, the county’s population breaks roughly into thirds: 35% of residents 25 years or older have a high school diploma or less; 31% have taken some college courses; and 34% have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

- Among the 18 cities in the county, Del Mar has the highest percentage of households earning $200,000 or more per year (24%), and the highest percentage of residents with graduate or professional degrees (38%).

- National City has the highest percentage of residents who use public transportation to get to work, while Coronado has the highest percentage of residents who walk to work.

- A little more than half of all households pay 30% or more of their household income for housing costs.

- Half of the county’s population is white, making whites the largest racial group in the region, followed by Hispanics who comprise 31% and Asians who comprise 11%. The rest of the population is a mix of blacks (5%), American Indian and Alaskan Native (less than 1%), Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (less than 1%), and others (3%).

To compile the American Community Survey, the U.S. Census Bureau surveys about 2.5% of addresses every year, amounting to roughly three-million addresses nationally. This amounts to roughly 29,000 addresses in San Diego County.

The full report for San Diego County is HERE.