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Hillcrest Pride Flag is raised to full-staff today

SAN DIEGO – The Hillcrest Pride Flag, the community’s new symbol celebrating diversity, has been raised to full-staff today for the first time since its dedication Friday night.

The Pride flag was lowered to half-staff immediately after the ceremony out of respect to the victims of the shooting tragedy in Colorado, as requested by President Barack Obama. During the Spirit of Stonewall Rally on Friday, Pride officials held a moment of silence for the shooting victims.

Obama ordered that all U.S. flags in public spaces be lowered until sunset on Wednesday, July 25, so San Diego Pride and the Hillcrest Business Association decided it would be appropriate, though not mandatory, that the Hillcrest Pride Flag follow suit.

The Hillcrest Pride Flag flies on a 65-foot flagpole that sits at the intersection of University Avenue and Normal Street, a short block from Harvey Milk Street, and is the location of the traditional start of the annual San Diego Pride Parade.

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