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TODAY: Hillcrest Town Council meeting to take up community issues

SAN DIEGO -- The Hillcrest Town Council (HTC) will hold its next monthly meeting today, July 10, starting at 6:30 pm. Community members and other interested individuals are encouraged to attend the meeting, which will include a number of updates about the group's neighborhood projects.

The resident's group has created a "Hillcrest Vagrancy Task Force," which is seeking solutions to Hillcrest's homelessness problem. The task force will provide an update on their work.

HTC's Development Committee will report on a draft land use map issued by the city that will be reviewed by Uptown Planners at a special meeting on July 17. The group will seek input on this item from people in attendance, since the item will have a great impact on the future of Hillcrest's "neighborhood feel."

SANDAG transportation planner Beth Robrahn will also be present at the meeting is will give a presentation on bicycle lanes, and how motorists on bicyclists can coexist together on streets throughout the county.

Other topics will include information about an upcoming neighborhood walking tour, and HTC's annual post-Pride community clean-up.

Representatives from the offices of local elected officials will also be present to give updates, and a public comment period will be available for attendees who wish to address their neighbors on community issues.

The meeting will take place in the Joyce Beers Community Center, located on Vermont Street just north of University Avenue in the Uptown District Shopping Center.

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