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TODAY: San Diego activist Sean Sala to appear LIVE on Spreecast to talk about gays in the military

SAN DIEGO -- Gay military activist Sean Sala of San Diego will be appearing live on Spreecast online at 11 am PDT today.

Sala will take part in series of live broadcasts on the online television network Spreecast, highlighting the American dream as dreamed by people of all backgrounds, nationalities and sexualities.

Sala's 30-minute segment, "An LGBT Activist's American Dream," will be hosted by Alexandra Govere, from MTV's "The Real World: San Diego." They will discuss Sean's dream for this country and its military, how his dream has changed through his activist and military experiences, and what he hopes will be achieved in the coming years.

Personalities interviewed on Spreecast in the past include Reese Witherspoon and Katie Couric.