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San Diego Human Dignity Foundation brings together past and present supporters

SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Human Dignity Foundation launched a new spring event on Saturday, June 9, reuniting the organization’s past and present founders, donors and board members in order to acknowledge several community recipients of the foundation’s philanthropy. Called the Reunion Party, the event was celebrating the organization’s 16 years of philanthropy and was held at a private residence in Mission Hills.

Established in 1996, the foundation’s main goal is to support the local LGBT community by funding programs, projects and individuals through grants. To date, they have given over $1 million to nonprofit organizations supporting LGBT health and wellness, youth, seniors, and arts and culture, as well as civil rights advocacy.

“We’re building permanent resources for our community with our endowment funds,” said Tony Freeman, executive director of the Human Dignity Foundation. “At the same time, we’re working to help solve issues in our community and help improve the quality of life for everyone.”

Thanking the crowd for their support, Freeman then announced the formation of a new “lesbian health fund,” starting with an initial deposit of $5,000. “We’re very proud of all the steps we’re taking,” he said. “Thank you for the many, many ways that all of you have contributed to the foundation to get us to where we are today.”

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