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San Diego middle school incident involved "gay test"

SAN DIEGO -- The incident that led to the suspension of nine seventh-graders at Bell Middle School in May after watching pornography in class began as a sexual orientation test created by students, according to written accounts.

Multiple students reported being asked if they had passed the “gay test” in watching particular videos on their cell phones.

Patti Boman of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays said news of the test is disturbing.

“I was thinking we were getting better and that’s why we go out and speak in schools. This is news to me and this gives me chills. It is terrible,” said Boman, part of the team which helped craft the district’s anti-harassment policy. “They use that to attack and intimidate.”

San Diego Unified School District officials did not respond to requests for comment Friday, and have declined to discuss what went on at Bell, in Paradise Hills.

The Watchdog reviewed written testimonials from 22 students. Their accounts said students in the all-boys English class wore gym shorts and watched certain videos in class. Whoever became aroused was labeled gay. Children masturbated openly in class, according to the statements, and peers complained of inaction by the teacher.

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