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In Washington, anti-marriage foes qualify referendum for November ballot

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Anti-gay forces once again are going to the polls, this time in the state of Washington, to vote on marriage equality.

The secretary of state said Tuesday that the anti-marriage foes qualified Referendum 74, which would overturn a law passed by the Washington legislature and signed by Gov. Chris Gregoire. Gay and lesbian couples were supposed to begin getting married on June 7, but the referendum action put the law on hiatus.

The anti-gay groups Washington United for Marriage, which opposes marriage for gays and lesbians, and the rabidly homophobic National Organization for Marriage (NOM) have vowed to raise millions of dollars to prevent marriage equality.

One recent poll by Strategies 360 showed that 54% of Washington voters approve marriage equality.

Also in November, voters in Maryland are also expected to be asked to vote to take away marriage equality in that state. The anti-gay foes are still collecting signatures in Maryland in an attempt to qualify a referendum for the ballot.