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Car slams into Hillcrest Post Office

SAN DIEGO -- The driver of a black SUV crashed through the doors of the Hillcrest Post Office around 12:30 pm today. The collision knocked the set of glass doors off their hinges, and has damaged the framing and walls around the doors.

The car slammed into a set of post office boxes in the front area of the building.

Witnesses at the scene say that just before the collision happened, the driver of the SUV screamed because she saw a car behind her while trying to back out of her parking spot in front of the Post Office doors. Instead of braking, the driver reportedly threw the car into drive mode.

An ambulance was seen leaving the building shortly after the collision and it is not yet clear the extent of injuries suffered by the driver, her passenger, or any post office customers or employees.

While the Hillcrest Post Office remains open today, many of the post office boxes are out of service due to the accident.

(Editor's note: Additional photos at left are provided by Larry Macy.)