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San Diegans react to Tuesday's primary election

SAN DIEGO – As the results of Tuesday’s California primary election settle, San Diegans expressed a number of feelings about the future of America's Finest City – depending on how the candidates of their choice faired.

While some races were settled outright because the candidate ran unopposed or received more than 50.1% of the total vote count, other races, including the San Diego mayoral contest, will be duked out in November at the general election.

As of 2 am this morning, the San Diego County Registrar of Voters reports that about 135,000 absentee and provisional ballots still need to be counted, however since the vote counts from most races are close enough to call, people have begun to share their thoughts on the results.

The hotly contested mayoral race has most likely received the most amount of chatter across the city, with Carl DeMaio and Bob Filner receiving the top two spots. The pair will square off in the November general election.

DeMaio, the Republican who received over 32% of the vote count, is pleased with the results, saying it was “an amazing election outcome!”

Filner, the Democrat who received just over 30% of the votes, also thanked voters for their support: “Thank you for your support, without you we wouldn’t have come this far. On to November!”

DeMaio and Filner appeared on NBC 7 San Diego this morning to discuss the election and both agreed they are ready for the November runoff.

Filner said he is ready for what will be a very vigorous campaign.

“We are going to lay out our vision, a vision which goes beyond potholes,” Filner told NBC 7 San Diego.

DeMaio, who also championed the successful Proposition B, a measure which will reform the city’s pension system, said he will immediately work to implement pension reform.

“We will implement Proposition B before I’m elected mayor to get pension reform off the ground,” DeMaio said.

If elected, DeMaio would become the first gay person to be elected mayor of San Diego, the eighth-largest city in United States.

San Diegans are already making predictions about what will happen after San Diego’s next mayor is elected.

Darren Pudgil, a spokesman for outgoing Mayor Jerry Sanders, went so far as to predict a mayoral recall election by 2014, no matter which of the two candidates wins.

In an interview with U-T San Diego, Pudgil said he made the observation because DeMaio and Filner are so far apart on the political spectrum.

"You have two figures who are on opposite sides of the political spectrum and they both will have a large sector of the electorate who clearly won't support their respective agendas," he said. "It would be unfortunate if a recall were to take place, but I wouldn't be surprised if that happened.”

After printing Pudgil’s thoughts, the newspaper posted an online poll which asks: “Do you think San Diego’s next mayor will face a recall regardless of who wins in November?”

As of this morning, 73% of respondents do not agree with Pudgil’s prediction.

Citizens will return to the polls on Nov. 6 to vote in a number of federal, state and local offices, including San Diego’s next mayor.

In other political races, District 3 City Councilmember Todd Gloria, who ran for his second term unopposed, received 100% of the votes from his district.

This morning, Gloria posted a photo to Facebook that showed him surrounded by supporters standing at the corner of Sixth and University avenues in Hillcrest holding up a sign that read “Thank you!”

With the photo, Gloria posted: “Thank you District Three for your trust and for the honor of serving you for four more years!”

Numerous citizens posted congratulatory messages on Gloria’s Facebook wall, including his staff member Anthony Bernal who wrote: “Four more years for the Todd Squad!”

Carlos Marquez, a staff member with the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, said that Gloria is part a group of openly-LGBT elected officials who community members should be proud of.

"Victory Fund-endorsed California incumbents Todd Gloria, Speaker John A. Perez, Assemblymembers Toni Atkins, Tom Ammiano, Rich Gordon, Senator Mark Leno and their sweeping victories last night are living proof that standing up for equality as an openly LGBT elected official pays off at the ballot box, not to mention the right thing to do! Thanks for your leadership!" Marquez said.

In the District 7 race, the numbers favor Scott Sherman over his three opponents. Sherman, who is a lifelong San Diegan and owner of an insurance company, has so far received 51% of the votes, which automatically wins the race, according to unofficial results.

Mat Kostrinsky, who came in second with just under 40% of the votes, released a statement:

“Looking at the election results, Councilmember-Elect Scott Sherman will be sworn in this December. I want to thank everyone who helped on our campaign to make the city a better place. It was an incredible journey, it did not turnout as many of us had expected, but the voters spoke yesterday. We need to move forward to make our neighborhood a better place, come together and end the political fighting. I was inspired to give back, will continue it and hope we can do it together. Thank you so much.”

Marti Emerald, who currently serves as the council representative for District 7, ran for the newly created District 9 seat. Emerald, who ran against Mateo R. Camarillo has received 72% of the vote count so far.

Mary Leduc expressed her support of Emerald’s win:

“Congratulations, I’m so pleased we’ll still have a voice of reason on the Council.”

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