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VIDEO: West Hollywood City Council to vote on installation of rainbow crosswalks

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- The rainbow, which has become the most prominent symbol of the LGBT pride movement, is displayed in all sorts of forms, such as on flags, accessories, stickers, murals and clothing. But one West Hollywood man wants to take it a step further by painting the city's crosswalks in rainbow colors during the 2012 Los Angeles Pride celebration, taking place next weekend.

Martin Duvander, an artist, wrote to the West Hollywood City Council on April 19 with his idea.

“I see those white crosswalks as an empty canvas and saw an opportunity – paint them and make a statement,” Duvander said.

On Tuesday, Duvander says he received a letter from the city, which said that Mayor Jeffrey Prang and Councilmember John Duran like the idea, but it will have to go before a vote of the entire City Council.

The item has been docketed for the city council’s meeting on Monday, June 4.

In their proposal to the council, Prang and Duran suggest painting the brick pattern area within the crosswalks at the intersection of Santa Monica and San Vicente Boulevards rainbow colors in celebration of Pride Month in West Hollywood.

The proposal, if passed, will be funded by the city at a cost not exceeding $12,920 to install the two rainbow crosswalks.

Prang and Duran say that their city has been a proud supporter of the LGBT community since its incorporation and this project would be a part of the city’s mission of embracing diversity.

The two propose leaving the rainbow markings on the crosswalks through the entire month of June. The proposal says that California and West Hollywood regulations allow for decorative markings to be applied within crosswalks.

Duvander, who has created a simple rendering of his idea (see photo), has put out a call to action for community members to show their support of the project:

1. Sign a petition by subscribing to my e-mail newsletter by visiting my website. We will showcase this at the Council meeting.

2. Donate to the cause HERE.

3. Show up at the Council meeting and speak up on Monday June 4th at 6.30 PM at West Hollywood Library, located at 625 N. San Vicente Boulevard (at Melrose).

It is not known if any other city in the nation has pledged its support of the LGBT community in this way, but many have joined Duvander’s call for support.
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