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FilmOut: DAY 3 brings "Buffering," “Man 2 Man," "Three Veils" and "Morgan"

SAN DIEGO -- Day 2 of FilmOut San Diego's 14th annual LGBT Film Festival proved to be a big hit at the box office.

Attendance was solid for the "Positive Youth" documentary, sponsored by SDGLN media partner Gay San Diego and co-presented by Family Health Centers of San Diego.

The evening's centerpiece drew a huge turnout for the hour-long performance of drag character Dixie Longate, who then presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to director Del Shores, accompanied by three stars from his movie "Sordid Lives." The crowd howled at Longate and laughed heartily throughout the screening of "Sordid Lives."

Now, the festival begins in earnest with the bulk of the movies still to come. Saturday and Sunday will bring two full days of screenings, leading the the Closing Night world premiere of "Nate & Margaret."

Today, the action begins at 4 pm with the British comedy "Buffering," followed by the Christopher Hines documentary "Man 2 Man: A Gay Man's Guide To Finding Love" at 5:30 pm, the Girls Centerpiece "Three Veils" at 7 pm and the Boys Centerpiece "Morgan" at 9:15 pm.

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The details


Friday, June 1 – 4 pm
Sponsored by GayTravel.com
Co-presented by Randall & James and Richard Woods Real Estate

“Buffering” (2011), directed by Darren Flaxstone and Christian Martin, 80 minutes, United Kingdom.

From the makers of “Shank” comes this quirky British comedy following a young gay couple who find one hell of a unique way to get themselves out their mounting debt problems – Internet porn! Seb (Alex Anthony) and Aaron (Connor McKenzy) are sick of trying hard to make ends meet so they decide to get creative and take matters into their own hands, by turning their bedroom into a porn studio and selling their wares online to sex-hungry consumers. As their “performances” become ever more popular, the physical, emotional and industry demands start to take a toll on their relationship and it doesn’t help that the barely-clothed boy-next-door keeps causing a serious distraction! A deliciously light-hearted take on the consequences of unexpected sexual escapades, this is one sexy romp.

Ken Williams' mini-review: If British farce is your cup of tea, start brewing.

Friday, June 1 – 5:30 pm
Sponsored by GayTravel.com
Co-presented by CEVA and Micky’s West Hollywood

“Man 2 Man: A Gay Man’s Guide To Finding Love” (2012), directed by Christopher Hines, 60 minutes, USA.

Ever wonder why so many gay men say they want to be in a loving, lasting relationship but can never seem to make it work. Now you can find out why, and more importantly, learn what it takes to not only find "Mr. Right," but keep him. A new film from director Christopher Hines (“The Butch Factor,” “The Adonis Factor”) digs deep into gay men's hearts to discover what they are looking for in a relationship and explores issues preventing many of them from finding true love. “Man 2 Man” follows the dating lives of a diverse group of gay men, several from San Diego, as they use every means at their disposal, from phone apps to websites to professional matchmakers, in their quest to find that special someone. With the help of psychologists, dating experts and happy couples, “Man 2 Man” sheds light on what it takes to find and nurture a long-term relationship. And the film poses the ultimate question: Are you looking to get laid or fall in love?

Read Ken Williams’ review HERE.

Friday, June 1 – 7 pm, GIRLS CENTERPIECE
Sponsored by GayTravel.com
Co-presented by Pink Egg Media

“Three Veils” (2011), directed by Rolla Selbak, 117 minutes, USA.

Powerful film about three Middle Eastern women living in the United States, each with her own personal story. Leila (Mercedes Mason) is engaged to be married, however as the wedding night approaches, she becomes less and less sure how her life is playing out. Amira (Angela Zahra) is a very devout Muslim, but is dealing with her deep repressions about her intimate feelings toward women. Nikki (Sheetal Sheth) is acting out her promiscuity as she battles her demons after a tragic death in the family. As the film progresses, all three stories unfold and blend into each other as connections are revealed between the three women.

Ken Williams' mini-review: Fascinating view of Muslim life in America for three very different young women, told through a lesbian lens rarely found in this patriarchal society.

Friday, June 1 – 9:15 pm, BOYS CENTERPIECE
Sponsored by GayTravel.com
Co-presented by Ascent Real Estate: Ron Oster, David Yoder and Josh Bottfeld

“Morgan” (2012), directed by Michael Akers, 88 minutes, USA.

Newly paraplegic Morgan Oliver (Leo Minaya, “Manito” and “How The Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer”) just wants his life to be like it was before the accident. A chance encounter with Dean Kagen (newcomer Jack Kesy) on a basketball court makes Morgan more determined that being in a wheelchair will not change him. Dean supports Morgan when he decides to enter as a wheelchair competitor in the same bike race that took his ability to walk. But when Morgan risks his life to win and Dean walks out, he is pushed to the brink, teetering between what he wants and what he needs. With amazing performances by Darra “Like Dat” Boyd (VH1's hit “Flavor Of Love”), Madalyn McKay (“Pan Am” and “Taffy Was Born”) and Theodore Bouloukos (“Vacationland,” “Between Something And Nothing”) and gorgeous cinematography by Chris Brown (“Phoenix”), Morgan is a powerful story of perseverance, determination and, of course, love.

Ken Williams' mini-review: Perhaps the first-ever LGBT romance involving a lead character who is disabled and uses a wheelchair, but the director respectfully and with great sensitivity explores subjects matters about sex that are often left unspoken. Beautifully done! Bravo!