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FilmOut: Day 2 brings "Positive Youth," Dixie Longate and Del Shores tribute

SAN DIEGO – Following a very successful Opening Night showing of "Cloudburst" and a new Opening Night Party venue at the retro hip Claire de Lune/Sunset Temple Grand Room across the street from the historical Birch North Park Theatre, the 14th annual FilmOut San Diego LGBT Film Festival continues today with yet another new twist.

Day Two of the film festival is a two-parter. The first part is an uplifting documentary about LGBT youth living positively with HIV, and the second part is targeted at audiences who want a night filled with belly laughs.

The evening kicks off at 6 pm with the hour-long documentary “Positive Youth” -- and a special $5 admission. Read an interview with one of the documentary's star, Austin Head, aka the “Glamour Boy of Phoenix,” HERE. Head told San Diego Gay & Lesbian News earlier this month that he plans to attend the screening at the Birch.

The five-minute short film “uB2” will accompany “Positive Youth.” Directed by Dan Goldes, “uB2” looks into the gay dating websites and the requests to meet people who are “clean” or “disease-free.” What message does that send to the LGBT community?

The second half of tonight’s program is a unique presentation by FilmOut. Dixie Longate, a popular drag character created by actor Kris Andersson, will perform at 7:30 pm. Dixie Longate draws huge crowds on the gay cruise scene as well as clubs where she performs.

Dixie Longate will then present Del Shores the FilmOut San Diego Career Achievement Award, followed at 8:30 pm by a screening of his hit comedy, “Sordid Lives.”

A number of actors from “Sordid Lives” are expected to attend the evening to share the limelight with Del Shores. You'll have to buy a ticket to find out who will be there!

The seven-minute short film “4 Pounds” from Canada will precede the screening.

A special ticket price of $20 will cover the performance by Dixie Longate, the tribute to Del Shores, and the screening of “Sordid Lives.”

Ken Williams is Editor in Chief of SDGLN. He can be reached at ken@sdgln.com, @KenSanDiego on Twitter, or by calling toll-free to (877) 727-5446, ext. 713.

The details


Thursday, May 31 – 6 pm
Sponsored by Gay San Diego
Co-presented by Family Health Centers of San Diego

“Positive Youth” (2012), directed by Charlie David, 44 minutes, USA.
West Coast premiere

Positive Youth is a one-hour television documentary that follows four HIV-positive youth (late teens to 27) in four North American cities in cinema vérité style. Growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, we were hammered with terrifying statistics of HIV/AIDS. Thirty years in, we are still learning. What education do youth receive now and why is the youth transmission rate still the highest? We have seen retrospective documentaries on the AIDS crisis and interviews with survivors but what about the positive youth of today? We aim to feature accessible and inspirational individuals and the often-rocky road that they've traveled to get here. Each of the four subjects have been selected to create a dynamic perspective on the reality of living positive today. Medical and psychological experts weigh in to provide up-to-date facts and a historical context to the reality of living positively.

Tickets are $5.

With: “uB2” (2011), directed by Dan Goldes, 5 minutes, USA.

Listings on gay dating sites increasingly specify that the poster is “clean” or “disease-free” and requests of his potential matches, “ub2.” Of course, people are free to specify anything that's important to them, but how does the choice of these words impact the positive men who read them? What image does it give of our community?


Thursday, May 31 – 7:30 pm

Dixie Longate: Your Tupperware Lady, a popular drag character created by actor Kris Andersson, will perform at 7:30 pm ahead of the Del Shores Tribute and the showing of “Sordid Lives.”

Del Shores will be given a Career Achievement Award after Dixie’s performance.

Thursday, May 31 – 8:30 pm
Sponsored by Gay San Diego
Co-presented by South Park Scene and Urban Mo’s/Baja Betty’s/Gossip Grill/Hillcrest Brewing Co.

“Sordid Lives” (2000), directed by Del Shores, 110 minutes, USA.

“Sordid Lives” is a black comedy about white trash! Get ready for the size of Texas when Olivia Newton-John, Beau Bridges, Bonnie Bedelia and Delta Burke lead an all-star cast in this twisted, white-trash tale that puts the fun in dysfunctional. The hilariously sordid details about a Southern family surface with a vengeance when relatives converge for the funeral of “Grandma Peggy,” who died after tripping over her lovers wooden legs! Toss in a couple of feuding big-haired daughters, a jumpy Aunt who just quit smoking (Beth Grant), the scorned neighbor from hell, and crazy, cross dressing “Brother Boy” (Leslie Jordan) – and you’ve got an outrageous, classic modern comedy. With Ann Walker, Rosemary Alexander, Newell Alexander & Kirk Geiger.

With: “4 Pounds” (2011), directed by Josh Levy and Robi Levy, 7 minutes, Canada.

Story of an actor who, over the course of four life-altering weeks, focuses his considerable will to the goal of losing some weight. Written by and starring Scott Thompson (“Kids in the Hall”).

Tickets are $20 for the Dixie Longate performance, Del Shores Tribute and screening of “Sordid Lives.”