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U.S. pastor: Put lesbian, gays behind electrified fences, let them “die out” | VIDEO

Anthea Butler, associate professor of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, discusses the blatant homophobia coming out of the pulpits by pastors on the Religious Right. She is Martin Bashir’s guest on The Last Word.

Three pastors from North Carolina expressed their objection to marriage equality by proposing outrageous solutions to the “gay problem.”

One pastor, at least recognizing that Congress would not approve of his outrageous plan, wants to build electrified fences and round up all lesbians and gays. He would air-drop in food to the homosexuals, but his goal is, saying that since gays and lesbians cannot reproduce on their own, they would “die out.”

What the ignorant man of the cloth doesn’t get is that his God created gays and lesbians just as his God created straight people, so “penning up” gays and lesbians in concentration camps a la the Nazis is not going to wipe out homosexuality in future generations.

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