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Disco diva Donna Summer dies at age 63

Donna Summer, aka the Queen of Disco, died today in Florida. She was 63.

Summer's sexy songs such as "Hot Stuff," "Bad Girls" and "Love To Love You Baby" ruled the dance floors during the disco era, and she was a goddess to many gay men during the '70s. Her classic "Last Dance" often closed out an evening of dancing at the discos across the world.

She also appeared in movies such as "Thank God It's Friday" and "Divas Of Dance."

As disco faded, Summer continued to have success in the 1980s with hits that included "This Time I Know It's For Real" and "She Works Hard For The Money." Divas such as Madonna, Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson spiraled to the top of the charts in the 1980s, and Summer's star began to diminish. She would go on to become an accomplished artist as well.

The winner of five Grammy Awards succumbed to complications from cancer.

Summer is survived by her husband, singer and producer Bruce Sudano; three daughters and four grandchildren.