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Two new polls show that most Americans support same-sex unions

Two separate polls show that a majority of Americans are increasingly supportive of gay and lesbian relationships, a trend that been moving steadily upward for years now.

CBS News/New York Times Poll

A new poll, taken after President Barack Obama come out in favor of marriage equality, shows that most Americans support some form of legal recognition for same-sex unions.

The CBS News/New York Times Poll, taken May 11-13, shows that:

• 38% say gay and lesbian couples should be allowed to marry

• 24% say same-sex couples should be allowed civil unions

• 33% say no to legal recognition

Broken down by political affiliation:

• 58% of Democrats favor marriage equality, 17% favor civil unions and 19% oppose legal recognition

• 39% of Independents favor marriage equality, 23% favor civil unions and 35% oppose legal recognition

• 9% of Republicans favor marriage equality, 37% favor civil unions and 49% oppose legal recognition

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Gallup poll

A small majority of Americans (54%) believe that gay and lesbian relation are morally acceptable, according a Gallup poll released May 14.

Only 42% of Americans find such relationships to be morally unacceptable.

Additionally, Americans are increasingly supportive of marriage equality, rising from 42% in 2004 to 50% in 2012.

Gallup has been polling support for the legality of gay and lesbian relations for decades. Support has moved steadily upward from 32% in 1986 to 63% in 2012.

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