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VIDEO: Man stabbed in Hillcrest early this morning

SAN DIEGO -- A man was stabbed in his abdomen around 2 am this morning while walking on the 1200 block of Cleveland Avenue, reports say.

The man, who was walking with another man and a woman, had left a local bar when four men approached them, and seemed to be trying to get the attention of the woman.

Reports say that there was some sort of verbal exchange between the two groups, as the four men were trying to get the attention of the woman.

One of the men with the woman stepped in to try to help her, when one of the men from the other group stabbed him.

Police don't believe that two groups knew each other, and say it was a random encounter. The victim was transported to nearby UCSD Medical Center and his condition is unknown at this time. His wounds are not believed to be life threatening.

The name of the victim is not known at this time. Police believe the suspects immediately fled the area, so there is no active search happening in Hillcrest.

More information will be reported as it becomes available.

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