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BREAKING NEWS: Colorado governor calls special session, giving civil unions and other bills new life

DENVER -- Hours after a slew of House bills, including one that would legalize civil unions for gay and lesbian couples, seemed to be dead due to political stalling by Speaker Frank McNulty, Gov. John Hickenlooper said Wednesday that he would call a special session to deal with the bills.

KRDO.com reported that the governor saw an "overwhelming need" to discuss the civil-unions bill and other measures. McNulty, who is opposed to civil unions for gay and lesbian couples, sat on the civil-unions bill even though he knew that there was enough bipartisan support in the House to pass the bill.

Hickenlooper, a Democrat, had vowed to sign the bill when it got to his desk.

McNulty's unprecedented action killed about three dozens bills that were due for a vote on the final day of the legislative session.

The date of the special session has not been selected yet.