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Babycakes Balboa Park opens on Morley Field Drive

SAN DIEGO -- If you were asked to count the number of people who have never partaken in the decadent delights of Babycakes Hillcrest, you would likely be stumped. Since Babycakes first opened the 3766 Fifth Ave. location in 2009, owners Christopher Stavros and Rafael Del Rio have taken the community by storm.

The café, bar and cupcakery has become so popular, in fact, the duo was approached about launching a second location in North Park. Currently open from 10 am to 3 pm, Babycakes Balboa Park is located adjacent to the Balboa Tennis Club tennis courts at 2221 Morley Field Dr.

Stavros said the decision to expand to North Park came after receiving a call from the Balboa Tennis Club, adding there have been several restaurants located next to the club in the past. “The Tennis Club came to us a couple months ago to say they were interviewing other companies to move into the space and they wound up choosing us,” he said.

Colleen Clery Ferrel, the Balboa Park Tennis Club director, said they approached Stavros and Del Rio because of their company’s established name in the community. “We interviewed six different companies but [Stavros and Del Rio] really stood out,” Ferrel said. “We’re very confident they’ll do well and we’re excited about this opportunity.”

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