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Costa Ricans protest restaurant that ejected lesbian couple for kissing

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica – Almost 200 people protested Saturday night at the historic restaurant Chelles in the Costa Rican capital to show support for the lesbian couple ejected from the diner for kissing.

Matt Levin of Ticotimes.net reported that activists carried signs stating “Kiss customers goodbye Chelles” and shouted “Ser diferente no es indecente” (“To be different is not indecent”).

A group called Beso Diverso (Diverse Kiss) organized the protest.

“We try to make a big event every time a local restaurant, bar or any kind of place discriminates against people because of their sexual orientation,” Marisa Victoria, a coordinator for Beso Diverso, told Ticotimes.org.

Managers of Chelles ejected the lesbian couple for kissing about 1 am March 14, according to Paulina Torres, one of the women who was kicked out of the 102-year-old restaurant. Their order was canceled and the women were forced to leave.

Majorie Blanco, a spokeswoman for Chelles, rejected requests that the restaurant apologize to the women and told local media that the couple were sinning:

“What they did is extremely forbidden, this is a decent place,” Blanco said. “Apologies for nothing, if I see a pair of women kissing each other, then I’m telling them to go elsewhere. The Lord rebukes the devil.”

That statement was mocked by those outside. Torres helped lead the chants. Inside Chelles, employees stood around, watching the clamor outside. Only a couple of customers ate at the restaurant during the hour-long demonstration.

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