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"Cloudburst" with Olympia Dukakis to open 14th annual FilmOut San Diego LGBT Film Festival | VIDEOS

SAN DIEGO – “Cloudburst,” a romantic road movie starring Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker, will be the Opening Night selection of the 14th annual FilmOut San Diego LGBT Film Festival.

The highly praised Canadian movie will kick off the LGBT Film Festival at 7:30 pm Wednesday, May 30, at the historic Birch North Park Theatre. A total of 37 full-length films and shorts will be presented over five days.

The festival will conclude on Sunday, June 3, with the world premiere of a quirky buddy movie, “Nate & Margaret,” directed by Nathan Adloff. Short films "Andie" (USA) and "Do You Have A Cat?" (USA) will also have their world premieres at the festival.

The full-length film "The Endless Possibility of Sky" (USA) and the short films "Connected" (USA) and "Bang Bang" (Belgium) will make their U.S. premieres at the festival, which also will feature the West Coast premieres of 14 full-length or short films.

Del Shores will be honored this year with a Career Achievement Award, and his cult classic “Sordid Lives” will be showcased on the evening of Thursday, May 31. Entertainer Dixe Longate of Tupperware fame will entertain at 7:30 pm, followed by the award presentation to Shores and the showing of the movie.

This year, FilmOut board members decided to move the festival to the end of May and the first of June, a time of year known by locals as May Gray and June Gloom when the marine layer often blots out the sunshine and keeps temperatures cool. It’s perfect weather to be indoors to watch movies.

Last year, the festival was held over the weekends of Aug. 19-21 and Aug. 26-28. Hot weather during both weekends caused San Diego’s beaches to be packed with sunbathers, and the film festival suffered a drop in attendance.

A Festival Pass – providing access to all movies and parties – is now on sale for $125. Click HERE to purchase a pass.

Tickets are also being sold for Opening Night film, the Opening Night Party and the combo pass. Click HERE.

Individual tickets will go on sale soon.

Here is a daily calendar for the 2012 FilmOut San Diego LGBT Film Festival, Opening Night Party and Closing Night Party:


Wednesday, May 30, 7:30 pm - OPENING NIGHT
Co-presented by CICA

“Cloudburst” (2011), directed by Thom Fitzgerald, 93 minutes, Canada.

This romantic road movie stars Oscar-winning actresses Olympia Dukakis (“Moonstruck”) and Brenda Fricker (“My Left Foot”) as Stella and Dot, an aging couple who have been together for 31 years and have faithfully accompanied one another through life's ups and downs. Now in their 70s, Stella is hard of hearing and Dot is legally blind. Dot's prudish granddaughter, Molly (played by Genie Award-winner Kristin Booth), decides the best place for Dot is a nursing home that will provide all the necessities. This forces Stella and Dot to make a bold decision: They will leave their hometown in Maine and make their way to Canada, where same-sex marriage is legal. It's a last-gap bid to stay together. En route to Canada, they pick up a young hitchhiker, Prentice, played by newcomer Ryan Doucette. A small-town boy turned modern dancer, he is returning to Nova Scotia to visit his dying mother. Despite his bravado, Prentice is a confused and wounded soul who has much to learn from Stella and Dot as they wage their own unexpected battle – after three decades, can they keep their family together?

Shown with “Fallen Comrade” (2012), directed by James Valdez, 11 minutes, USA.
West Coast premiere

Relevant story about the bond between two soldiers in the U.S. Army and the impact after one is lost in combat.

Shown with “Performance Anxiety” (2012), directed by Reid Watterer, 15 minutes, USA.
West Coast premiere

Two straight actors rehearse for a movie's upcoming gay love scene. How will they make out?

Opening Night Party

The FilmOut board decided this year to keep all festival events in North Park, and moved the Opening Night Party to the Claire de Lune/Sunset Temple Grand Room across the street from the Birch North Park Theatre.

Tickets for the Opening Night film cost $15.Tickets to the Opening Night Party cost $20. To attend both events, tickets are discounted to $30.


Thursday, May 31 – 6 pm
Sponsored by Gay San Diego
Co-presented by Family Health Centers of San Diego

“Positive Youth” (2012), directed by Charlie David, 44 minutes, USA.
West Coast premiere

Positive Youth is a one-hour television documentary that follows four HIV-positive youth (late teens to 27) in four North American cities in cinema vérité style. Growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, we were hammered with terrifying statistics of HIV/AIDS. Thirty years in, we are still learning. What education do youth receive now and why is the youth transmission rate still the highest? We have seen retrospective documentaries on the AIDS crisis and interviews with survivors but what about the positive youth of today? We aim to feature accessible and inspirational individuals and the often-rocky road that they've traveled to get here. Each of the four subjects have been selected to create a dynamic perspective on the reality of living positive today. Medical and psychological experts weigh in to provide up-to-date facts and a historical context to the reality of living positively.

Tickets are $5.

With: “uB2” (2011), directed by Dan Goldes, 5 minutes, USA.

Listings on gay dating sites increasingly specify that the poster is “clean” or “disease-free” and requests of his potential matches, “ub2.” Of course, people are free to specify anything that's important to them, but how does the choice of these words impact the positive men who read them? What image does it give of our community?


Thursday, May 31 – 7:30 pm

Dixie Longate: Your Tupperware Lady, a popular drag character created by actor Kris Andersson, will perform at 7:30 pm ahead of the Del Shores Tribute and the showing of “Sordid Lives.”

Del Shores will be given a Career Achievement Award after Dixie’s performance.

Thursday, May 31 – 8:30 pm
Sponsored by Gay San Diego
Co-presented by South Park Scene and Urban Mo’s/Baja Betty’s/Gossip Grill/Hillcrest Brewing Co.

“Sordid Lives” (2000), directed by Del Shores, 110 minutes, USA.

“Sordid Lives” is a black comedy about white trash! Get ready for the size of Texas when Olivia Newton-John, Beau Bridges, Bonnie Bedelia and Delta Burke lead an all-star cast in this twisted, white-trash tale that puts the fun in dysfunctional. The hilariously sordid details about a Southern family surface with a vengeance when relatives converge for the funeral of “Grandma Peggy,” who died after tripping over her lovers wooden legs! Toss in a couple of feuding big-haired daughters, a jumpy Aunt who just quit smoking (Beth Grant), the scorned neighbor from hell, and crazy, cross dressing “Brother Boy” (Leslie Jordan) – and you’ve got an outrageous, classic modern comedy. With Ann Walker, Rosemary Alexander, Newell Alexander & Kirk Geiger.

With: “4 Pounds” (2011), directed by Josh Levy and Robi Levy, 7 minutes, Canada.

Story of an actor who, over the course of four life-altering weeks, focuses his considerable will to the goal of losing some weight. Written by and starring Scott Thompson (“Kids in the Hall”).

Tickets are $20 for the Dixie Longate performance, Del Shores Tribute and screening of “Sordid Lives.”


Friday, June 1 – 4 pm
Sponsored by GayTravel.com
Co-presented by Randall & James and Richard Woods Real Estate

“Buffering” (2011), directed by Darren Flaxstone and Christian Martin, 80 minutes, United Kingdom.

From the makers of “Shank” comes this quirky British comedy following a young gay couple who find one hell of a unique way to get themselves out their mounting debt problems – Internet porn! Seb (Alex Anthony) and Aaron (Connor McKenzy) are sick of trying hard to make ends meet so they decide to get creative and take matters into their own hands, by turning their bedroom into a porn studio and selling their wares online to sex-hungry consumers. As their “performances” become ever more popular, the physical, emotional and industry demands start to take a toll on their relationship and it doesn’t help that the barely-clothed boy-next-door keeps causing a serious distraction! A deliciously light-hearted take on the consequences of unexpected sexual escapades, this is one sexy romp.

Friday, June 1 – 5:30 pm
Sponsored by GayTravel.com
Co-presented by CEVA and Micky’s West Hollywood

“Man 2 Man: A Gay Man’s Guide To Finding Love” (2012), directed by Christopher Hines, 60 minutes, USA.

Ever wonder why so many gay men say they want to be in a loving, lasting relationship but can never seem to make it work. Now you can find out why, and more importantly, learn what it takes to not only find "Mr. Right," but keep him. A new film from director Christopher Hines (“The Butch Factor,” “The Adonis Factor”) digs deep into gay men's hearts to discover what they are looking for in a relationship and explores issues preventing many of them from finding true love. “Man 2 Man” follows the dating lives of a diverse group of gay men, several from San Diego, as they use every means at their disposal, from phone apps to websites to professional matchmakers, in their quest to find that special someone. With the help of psychologists, dating experts and happy couples, “Man 2 Man” sheds light on what it takes to find and nurture a long-term relationship. And the film poses the ultimate question: Are you looking to get laid or fall in love?

Read Ken Williams’ review HERE.

Friday, June 1 – 7 pm, GIRLS CENTERPIECE
Sponsored by GayTravel.com
Co-presented by Pink Egg Media

“Three Veils” (2011), directed by Rolla Selbak, 117 minutes, USA.

Powerful film about three Middle Eastern women living in the United States, each with her own personal story. Leila (Mercedes Mason) is engaged to be married, however as the wedding night approaches, she becomes less and less sure how her life is playing out. Amira (Angela Zahra) is a very devout Muslim, but is dealing with her deep repressions about her intimate feelings toward women. Nikki (Sheetal Sheth) is acting out her promiscuity as she battles her demons after a tragic death in the family. As the film progresses, all three stories unfold and blend into each other as connections are revealed between the three women.

Friday, June 1 – 9:15 pm, BOYS CENTERPIECE
Sponsored by GayTravel.com
Co-presented by Ascent Real Estate: Ron Oster, David Yoder and Josh Bottfeld

“Morgan” (2012), directed by Michael Akers, 88 minutes, USA.

Newly paraplegic Morgan Oliver (Leo Minaya, “Manito” and “How The Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer”) just wants his life to be like it was before the accident. A chance encounter with Dean Kagen (newcomer Jack Kesy) on a basketball court makes Morgan more determined that being in a wheelchair will not change him. Dean supports Morgan when he decides to enter as a wheelchair competitor in the same bike race that took his ability to walk. But when Morgan risks his life to win and Dean walks out, he is pushed to the brink, teetering between what he wants and what he needs. With amazing performances by Darra “Like Dat” Boyd (VH1's hit “Flavor Of Love”), Madalyn McKay (“Pan Am” and “Taffy Was Born”) and Theodore Bouloukos (“Vacationland,” “Between Something And Nothing”) and gorgeous cinematography by Chris Brown (“Phoenix”), Morgan is a powerful story of perseverance, determination and, of course, love.


Saturday, June 2 – noon
Sponsored by ABC-10/Azteca America
Co-presented by GSDBA and Ivan Solis/ Lawyer’s Title


“33 Teeth” (2011), directed by Evan Roberts, 7 minutes, USA.
West Coast premiere

Eddie is a hormonal 14-year-old boy living alone with his mother in the suburbs. One day after school, he accidentally spies on his attractive older neighbor, Chad, as he steps out of the shower …

“Under Pressure” (2011), directed by Kate Lefoe, 6 minutes, Australia.
West Coast premiere

When gunshots ring out at school, library geek Alex finds herself hiding with popular girl Ruby, Alex's secret crush. Will Alex find the courage to reveal her true desire amid the overwhelming fear and confusion?

“Gaysian Dream” (2011), directed by Bernie Espinosa and Rod Andrada, 9 minutes, USA.

In this Glee-inspired musical short, a gay Asian boy, AndyMike, discovers an antique box while house sitting for his friend, Mark. The box contains a magical DVD that transports AndyMike into the dreamlike world of seven sassy Asian drag queens known as 'The Gaysians'.

“Ms. Thing” (2012), directed by Karen X. Tulchinsky, 7 minutes, Canada.

Jill, an emotionally volatile urban lesbian who is looking for love in all the wrong places until unexpectedly, she finds total fulfillment in an unusual package. And, she is not alone. The craze she discovers is revolutionizing lesbian communities across the nation.

“Smart Phone” (2012), directed by Paul Mathieu, 9 minutes, USA.

Story of one man's obsessive relationship with the latest love of his life, his new phone. Man + Mobile = Heartbreak.

“Poker Face” (2011), directed by Becky Lane, 13min, USA.

A rowdy “girls' night out” poker game takes a turn when a woman receives a call from relatives about a death in her estranged family. Secrets are revealed and intimate friendships are called into question as the group comes to terms with seeing a friend in a new light.

“Andie” (2011), directed by Paul Baker, 7 minutes, USA.
World premiere

Andrew is a young boy who loves his doll. He is happy being himself, but his mother and kids at summer camp are uncomfortable with it. Will Andrew have to give up his doll?

“Clubscene: The Under-Ager” (2011), directed by Adriano Valentini, 10 minutes, Canada.

After a night of clubbing, under-ager Murray asks his older buddy, Gabe, for some advice.

“A Fairy Tale” (2011), directed by Steven Tylor O’Connor, 10 minutes USA.
West Coast premiere

A story of Jack and Jill on the night of their senior Prom. When Jill goes to the prom with Price Charming, she leaves her brother all alone. Suddenly, Jack's sassy, drag queen, fairy godmother shows up to save the day. She whisks him away to the prom to meet his own prince charming and finally have a happy ending.

“Hardwood Throughout” (2012), directed by Greg Ivan Smith, 7 minutes, USA.
West Coast premiere

A Realtor tries her best to hide an embarrassing secret from her client while showing an important home.

“Do You Have A Cat?” (2012), directed by Jason Sax, 10 minutes, USA.
World premiere

Most women have dozens of dating standards. Marissa (Samantha Sloyan) has one: You cannot, cannot own a cat. Violently allergic, she falls from feline-infested beds to dander-infused couches, looking for a love that won't leave her snot-nosed and sniffling. Getting more and more fed up, she turns to her best friend (Amber Benson) for advice, but she's at the end of her rope. Will she find Mr. or Ms. Right before her face explodes?

“Half Share” (2011), directed by Jesse Archer & Sean Hanley, 28 minutes, USA.

Half-Share? Quarter-Share? Men who impersonate Cher? The gays on Fire Island speak a different lingo and for a newcomer like Mac, it's way more than a mouthful! Practically heterosexual and fresh out of a fourteen-year relationship, Mac packs his Birkenstocks and his emotional baggage for a summer share. What he envisions as relaxing, reflective beach-time turns into high camp hysteria after Mac’s eccentric housemates take a fish out of water and fling him headfirst into the glittery gay shark-pond! Starring gay comedians Jack Plotnick, Alec Mapa, Jeffrey Archer!

Saturday, June 2 – 2:30 pm
Sponsored by ABC-10/Azteca America
Co-presented by Pink Egg Media and Wells Fargo Bank

“Kiss Me” (2012), directed by Alexandra-Therese Keining, 105 minutes, Sweden.

This is a love story with a twist: two stepsisters-to-be fall in love, creating turmoil and heartbreak for everyone involved. The film pushes us into the unexpected — and for Mia, the film’s main character – the unexpected is exactly where she ends up. Beautifully shot, warmly humorous and boasting an excellent Swedish cast (Lena Endre, “Millenium”; Krister Henriksson, “Wallander”; Joakim Nätterqvist, “Arn the Knight Templar”; Tom Ljungman, “Patrik 1.5”) The film tells a strong probing story. It also features a fantastic soundtrack, including singer songwriter Jose Gonzales and Robyn.

With: “Connected” (2012), directed by Adam Marcus, 7 minutes, USA.
U.S. premiere

Unhappy in her marriage, Debra invites Michelle over for wine and advice. Soon, a comedy of misunderstandings ensues until true motives and feelings are brought to the surface. Is living a lie really living?

Saturday, June 2 – 4:30 pm
Sponsored by ABC-10/Azteca America
Co-presented by Pink Egg Media, Do It In Gay San Diego and BLADE Magazine

“Zenne Dancer” (2012), directed by M. Caner and Mehmet Binay, 104 minutes, Turkey.
West Coast premiere

This gorgeously shot, handsomely mounted, deeply moving film about an unusual trio: Daniel (“Giovanni Arvaneh”), a German photo-journalist in Istanbul without much knowledge about Turkish values. Can (“Kerem Can”), a flamboyant, out and proud male belly dancer with lots of love and support from his family, and Ahmet (“Erkan Avci”) born to an eastern and conservative family whose quest for honesty and liberty results in a tragic end. The film has been inspired by the true story of Ahmet Yildiz, who was murdered for being gay at the age 26 by his own father in 2008.

With: “Bang Bang” (2012), directed by Raphael Lungo 20min, Belgium.
U.S. premiere

Amedea has a lot of thing for be happy. Amedea is rich. Amedea has a brother who is a fashion designer, Giorgio Vivarelli. Amedea loves Giorgio. Giorgio loves Jimmy. Amédéa is jealous. Amédéa wants to reconquer Giorgio with the help of Yves. Amédéa mixes reality and dreams. Amedea lives in a labyrinth. Can she find an issue?

Saturday, June 2 – 7 pm – FESTIVAL SPOTLIGHT
Sponsored by ABC-10/Azteca America
Co-presented by Diversionary Theatre, The Old Globe and La Jolla Playhouse

“That’s What She Said” (2012), directed by Carrie Preston, 84 minutes, USA.

FilmOut favorite Carrie Preston (“True Blood,” “29th & Gay,” “Feet Of Clay,” “Ready? OK!”) returns with her second feature film fresh from Sundance. Bebe (Marcia DeBonis) is getting ready for the most romantic date of her life, and she needs her BFF (Anne Heche) there to cheer her on. Too bad about the whole bitter and jaded thing. And the clingy stranger with the bad habit (Alia Shawkat). And the rain. And the barf. And, oh yeah, the thing with the dildo. Friendship. It's amazing how hard it can get. Executive produced by local San Diegan’s James Vasquez and Mark Holmes (also of “29th & Gay,” “Ready? OK!”), This is sharply written and expertly cast.

With: “The Not So Subtle Subtext” (2010), directed bySarah Rotella, 6 minutes, Canada.
West Coast premiere

Explores the sub-textual nature of Xena and Gabrielle's relationship in the television series “Xena: Warrior Princess.

Saturday, June 2 – 9:30pm
Sponsored by ABC-10/Azteca America
Co-presented by RAGE

“The Endless Possibility Of Sky” (2012), directed by Todd Verow, 85 minutes, USA.
U.S. premiere

Sex and drugs - getting hooked and getting off – can be addicting. For Drew (Brad Hallowell), eking out a mundane life in Waterville, Maine, it is resisting the illicit pleasure in New York; for Mistress Datina, Philly, it means operating a sex and drug den to cope with her life. In his visually and sexually stimulating film, director Verow introduces multiple characters and overlapping narratives that portray the physical and emotional faces of addiction. For Rob (newcomer Rob Ordonez), drugs and sex are means of finding a bed to sleep in every night - while they provide Christian (Michael Vaccaro) a means of dealing with his helplessness and loss. A writer records these characters and their unforgettable stories. The themes are universal, but the possibilities are endless.

With: “Bug Chaser” (2012), directed by: Ian Wolfley, 19 minutes, USA.
West Coast premiere

Nathan's one-night stand ends abruptly when his date finds an alarming growth on his body. As it rapidly gets larger, Nathan gets sicker. He looks to alcohol, the Internet, and a needle for help, but to no avail. Drunk and desperate, Nathan finally reaches out to an unlikely source: a former hook-up, a nurse, who can't believe what he sees.


Sunday, June 3 – noon
Sponsored By: SD PIX and SDGLN
Co-presented by San Diego Latino Film Festival and LIVE Magazine

BEST OF LATINO SHORTS: Francisco Lupini films featuring Soledad Lopez
West Coast premieres

“To Suffer Like Fingers That Don’t Bleed” (2011), directed by Francisco Lupini, 36 minutes, Venezuela/Spain.

Acclaimed romance novelist Helena Martin reunites with her estranged mother, a famous film star who abandoned her 15 years ago, with plans of revealing she's written an autobiography about their scarred lives together.

“The Empty Nest” (2012), directed by Francisco Lupini, 24 minutes, Venezuela/Spain.

A sex therapist embarks on a mission to reconnect with her angsty son after discovering his troubles may stem from the huge problem tucked inside his trousers.

Tickets are $5.

Sunday, June 3 – 1:15 pm
Sponsored by SD PIX and SDGLN
Co-presented by CEVA and Micky’s West Hollywood

“Romeos” (2011), directed by Sabine Bernardi, 94 minutes, Germany.

Lukas (Rick Okon), 20, is a prisoner in his own body. As a pre-op transgendered person, he is constantly finding himself trapped in uncomfortable, compromising positions. His best friend, Ine (Liv Lisa Fries) introduces him to the gay scene in Cologne where he meets the confident and gorgeous, Fabio (Maximilan Befort). The two develop a romantic relationship that tests the boundaries of love. "Romeos" forgoes stereotypes and conventions to offer an honest and humorous examination of the most basic of human conditions: friendship, sex, and love.

Sunday, June 3 – 3 pm
Sponsored by SD PIX and SDGLN
Co-presented by San Diego Asian Film Festival

Speechless (2012), directed by Simon Chung, 92 minutes, China
West Coast premiere

In a remote part of Southern China, a mysterious Westerner (Pierre-Matthieu Vital) appears on a riverbank, completely naked. Taken to the police station and afterwards to the hospital, he refuses to speak. While the doctors soon resign, the hospital’s orderly, Jiang (Gao Qilun), befriends the stranger. When Jiang learns that the Westerner is about to be transferred to a mental asylum, he decides to rescue him and takes him to his uncle’s village. There, he accidentally discovers a secret past that provides a key to the mysterious stranger’s past.

Sunday, June 3 – 4:45 pm
Sponsored by SD PIX and SDGLN
Co-presented by FlawLes

“Jamie & Jesse Are Not Together” (2011), directed by Wendy Jo Carlton, 96 minutes, USA.

This is Carlton’s second directorial effort after last year’s FilmOut favorite “Hannah Free.” Jamie (Jacqui Jackson) is moving from Chicago to New York in two weeks, hoping to become a Broadway actress. Her best friend Jessica (Jessica London-Shields) is bummed, because she thinks she is in love with Jamie. As moving day gets closer, Jessica tries to make Jamie jealous by dating other women. But Jessica’s plan backfires, in a way she could never imagine. This wonderfully performed romantic comedy (with musical numbers) is a sexy, entertaining romp with broad appeal, exploring universal themes of jealousy, insecurity, and falling in (and out) of love.

Sunday, June 3 – 6:30 pm
Sponsored by SD PIX and SDGLN
Co-presented by Roberts Electric Service

“Men To Kiss” (2012), directed by Frank Christian Marx, 83 minutes, Germany.
West Coast premiere

Colorful balloon dresses, long party nights in Berlin’s trendy clubs and erotic evenings on the dining table – this is the chaotic relationship of the unequal couple of Ernst (Marx) and Tobias (Udo Lutz). Though opposites attract, respectable banker Ernst is often unsure, whether bubbly and always cheerful Tobias takes their relationship as seriously as he does. Soon they rise to a challenge of every relationship: everyday living together and mutual trust. The sudden appearance of Uta (Alexandra Starnitzky), Ernst’s eccentric school friend, fundamentally changes their relationship. Uta forges out a scheming plan, which Ernst completely falls for. Together with his friends, Tobias spares no efforts to checkmate the unwelcome guest as soon as possible – and sets events in motion that increasingly get out of control. This entertaining comedy about love, friendship and Berlin, full of vivid dialogues and emotional moments, that captivates the viewer with its taking characters from the first minutes on.

Sunday, June 3 – 8:15pm – CLOSING NIGHT
Sponsored by SD PIX and SDGLN
Co-presented by CICA

“Nate & Margaret” (2012), directed by Nathan Adloff, 80 minutes, USA
World premiere

Nate is 19, an aspiring filmmaker. Margaret is 52, an aspiring stand-up comedian. Their quirky friendship is put to a test when Nate reveals to his spinster friend that he has his first boyfriend. Tyler Ross plays Nate and Natalie West plays Margaret.

Closing Night Party

The Closing Night Party will be in the lobby between North Park Theatre and West Coast Tavern. The restaurant and bar will provide complimentary food.

Tickets for the Closing Night film cost $10, and the Closing Night Party is free.

Ken Williams is Editor in Chief of SDGLN. He can be reached at ken@sdgln.com, @KenSanDiego on Twitter, or by calling toll-free to (877) 727-5446, ext. 713.