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Gay Chilean man, 24, dies after neo-Nazi attack

SANTIAGO, Chile -- Daniel Zamudio, a gay 24-year-old Chilean man who was left brain-dead following an attack in Santiago by four alleged members of a neo-Nazi gang, died Tuesday, March 27, in hospital after three weeks in a medically-induced coma.

Zamudio was violently beaten in a park in the Chilean capital early in March. Four of his attackers have been arrested and imprisoned.

According to photos released by his family, Zamudio was severely and violently hit in the head. His body had been burned with cigarettes and marked with swastikas.

The attack against Zamudio has caused outrage in Chile, and has been closely followed by the press and the population.

In response to the tragedy, singer and fellow South American Ricky Martin Tweeted: “No more hatred, no more discrimination. I hope that justice is done Now. Lots of light to Daniel and his whole family.”

Boy George also shared an article about Zamudio with his followers, stating: “This is awful!! Chile come on!! Prayers for Daniel!”

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