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Mama's Kitchen to deliver 6 millionth meal today

SAN DIEGO -- Since its founding in 1990, Mama's Kitchen has prepared and delivered three nutritiousness meals a day, seven days a week, at no charge to men, women and children affected by AIDS or cancer. Today, the organization will recognize a milestone in its service as County Supervisor Ron Roberts delivers the sixth millionth meal to a San Diego area resident named Rick.

Mama's Kitchen recently moved into a new facility and expanded its services after operating out of a church basement during its first 20 years. With the assistance of an army of volunteers, the organization delivered 347,690 meals to 572 home bound individuals in the county.

Mama's Kitchen has never turned away anyone who was eligible for services, nor maintained a waiting list in its 22 year history, the staff says.

Rick, whom Roberts will deliver the milestone meal to around 1 pm today, lives in City Heights and has been receiving service from Mama's Kitchen since 2000. He is HIV-positive and has a walking disability that makes it difficult for him to get to the grocery store and prepare his own meals.

Rick says that Mama’s Kitchen has been a “godsend” for him, helping him to gain weight and maintain his health over the years.

Mama's Kitchen's facility is located at 3960 Home Ave. in the Fairmount Park neighborhood of San Diego. For more information, click HERE.